Keeping the Triangle Green and Clean

Green Cleaning not only involves non-toxic/no smell cleaning products, it is also about the way we clean.  We clean starting at the rooms furthest from the entrance and work our way out cleaning as we go.  We also clean from top to bottom, insuring and dust or debris gets picked up as we clean.  We also do not cross contaminate between bathrooms, kitchens, and the rest of the house.

The Green Seal Certified Mark indicates we have met or exceeded criteria set forth for sustainability, and environmental impact.

All of our employees are screened for criminal activity. 
Most of our employees have been with us for years, cleaned thousands of homes without incident. We are also fully insured: Liability, workers compensation, and theft.

There are many options for you to allow us into your home :

  • You can be home to let us in.
  • You can leave a key for us (e.g. Under a mat).
  • You can give us a key that we will keep in our office and use each time.
  • You can provide a code that will let us in through your door or garage.
  • You can unlock your door remotely once we let you know we are at your home.

The main difference between Initial service and recurring service is that most of the time we spend extra time on your first visit getting your home up to green clean standards.  When we come back for your regular service visit there is not nearly as much scrubbing and cleaning to do so it will take us less time.

You do not, we supply everything.  If you do have products that you prefer us to use we can definitely do that just let the team know how and where to use them and we will take care of the rest.

You can definitely tip the crew, but it is by no means required.  If you do tip it is greatly appreciated.  If you decide to put a tip on your credit card please let the team know how much so they will have a record of the tip.

You can book by phone. You can also fill out an online request and respond to the online estimate by email.  You can also book us online by clicking the book online button.

That is totally up to you and your comfort level.  Some customers are very firm that they need to be home at the time of cleaning and we work with them to make sure that happens, others we have never seen, not even on the first day of cleaning.

Depending on the size of your home initial cleaning can take 2-5 hours for a team of two.  Regular service can take 1.5-3.5 hours for a team of two.

Yes, as long as you can keep the same day each time.  If your schedule doesn’t allow us to come consistently then we may have a hard time sending the same team each time.

You can leave a check at the time of service, you can pay by cash but you need to let us know ahead of time.  You can also pay online after service is complete, you will be emailed an invoice that will contain a link to pay online.

If you need to cancel please let us know as soon as possible.  The latest you could cancel would be the day before service.  We realize things happen and if you have to reschedule the day of your service due to extenuating circumstances then you have to cancel. If this happens repeatedly then there would be a cancellation fee that would correspond to the amount of your service visit.

We’ll leave your home spotless and clean. No harmful chemicals and no toxins. Just a thoroughly clean home from a team trusted by thousands of families.cts

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